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Social Media and Children



In these days of technology and growth of Social Media, it is almost a given that you will use this for any of your educational needs.  There are many ways you can look up information, share with homeschool groups or even Pin some of your favorite things to do.  There is no doubt this can enhance your children’s interests and keep them motivated.  Please keep in mind, Social Media can also be used in a wrong way if you don’t monitor your youngsters.  There are people out there with not so good plans when they use the internet.  Be wise in your choices of what you’ll let your child use without your guidance.

As the number of families choosing to homeschool grows, the needs and interests of these homeschoolers continues to grow.  There are many reasons why people choose to do this, not only is it because of their religious beliefs, but for the flexibility of the daily schedule.  Also, to be able to choose your own curriculum that allows creativity, arts and sciences.  For parents whose work schedules require extensive travel, homeschooling or even unschooling, allows for few interruptions in the learning process.  In fact, traveling is often incorporated into the curriculum.  Social media has just added to the extent to which you can follow your interests and friends.

Sharing Insights

You can share just about anything from pictures, videos, website links or whatever you want.  Your homeschool groups can definitely benefit from this, especially if you are working on a project together.  Kids like learning this way and being a part of the overall technology that’s out there today just about everywhere.  If you work with the closely, they will learn their way around and also learn to be smart about decisions they make online in general.  You can learn to use your computer in a fun way, and also join groups and sites that have things to promote your ideas as well.


Social Media is basically their so you can chat with friends, family and interact with those on other networks.  Students tend to prefer Facebook, and this is one of the most famous platforms out there today.  Again, there are people out there that stalk naive children and grown ups alike.  You are able to build a big network, just be sure you know the people you are dealing with.  You can use a smart phone, tablet, notebook to access your social sites, making this that much easier for you to connect with your friends.  As a homeschool parent, you can use this to grow a homeschool group in your area.  Great to have your children meet new friends and interact during field trips and other such outings.

High Schoolers

This is not only for socializing, but high school students can find job postings, tools and online courses to prepare for college.  Nowadays, they can dual enroll when you are a Junior in some states and Senior in others.  They have classes in just about anything – if you just want to better your grade or continue on into education while you work.  You can also research companies you are interested in, join job blogs or Facebook groups to gain some information you may need.  In addition, many colleges and universities are using Twitter to share new job openings and internship offers.  You can basically follow any site on Social Media to keep updated on employment and other opportunities out there.


So why would anyone participate in a Twitter chat?  For homeschooling, if you choose to participate in a Twitter chat, it can provide forums where everyone has a voice and the opportunity to contribute, and an audience willing to listen.  Oftentimes we go about our homeschooling routines without giving consideration to someone who is feeling overwhelmed.  Social media makes it possible to interact with thousands of people whom you may never meet, right from the comfort of your home.  For those willing to make an effort to connect, step outside of their comfort zone, social media has the potential to be very enlightening.  You can definitely find some good homeschool groups through Facebook as well.




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