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Summer Fun Activities


Now that summer is here, we are all looking for something to do with our kids.  Probably, if you are like me, you are looking for something cheap in between a couple vacation weeks.  There are so many things you can find to do with only dollar store items, and all kinds of cheap supplies.  In this post I will share a few that are really fun and simple for the younger crowd.

Sponge Necklace


This is a really “cool” idea – I mean “cool”.  Get some basic sponges, cutt them in small cube shapes.  Thread a needle and run the thread through all the sponges making a necklace long enough for each child.  When you are done, wet all the sponges and wear to keep you cool while playing out side.  You can also use a toothpick and tie the thread to it so your kids can make by themselves.



Shower Curtain Dry Erase Board


This is fun for any age!  Get a white shower curtain liner, spread it out anywhere (I prefer on the grass).  You can do this inside as well, great for a rainy day actually.  Get some dry erase markers, and away they go.  The shower curtain can be washed off again and again to re-use it many times.




Painting With Glue

images (3)

This can be done at the picnic table!  All you need is glue, food coloring and tooth picks.  You can do this on a plastic lid, aluminum foil, or just about anything really.  Put some glue on your surface, and use the toothpicks to dunk in the food coloring.  Then take the toothpick and swirl it around in the glue, making any designs you like.  When the glue dries, you have a masterpiece!  You can frame these, or have your kids make sets to hang in their rooms.  This is so much fun for the junior age set.



Match Box Car Track


This is a great idea for those kids who always have a car in their hands.  Take some painters tape (will be able to remove easy) and make a roadway on your carpet or bare floors.  You can add stop signs, road signs, trees or just about anything really.  The bigger the track the better by the way.  This actually is a two fold craft, your kids can get construction paper and cut out just about anything they want to put on their road map.





Don’t forget your local Home Depot and Lowes stores!  Home Depot has Kids Workshops on the first Saturday of every month.  Lowes has a Build and Grow program with great opportunities to join your young ones to create something wonderful.

My boys really loved this when they were younger.  The great thing about doing these things at Home Depot and Lowes is that they provide all the supplies you need.  It makes for a great father/son or father/daughter day!.

Feel free to let me know of any ideas you may have, I always enjoy hearing what other people are doing over the summer.  Hope you are able to get some much needed family time in, and remember, kids don’t care what it is, they just whant to be with you.