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Rainy Day Activities For Toddlers


Rainy Day Activities For Toddlers – Because It’s Pouring Here

I don’t know about ya’ll, but it’s pouring here in central Florida (yes the sunshine state). File:Fancy Dress Up.jpg
One of my children’s favorite rainy day ideas is playing dress up.  Some parents don’t know the meaning of cabin fever until they’ve been stuck indoors with a bored toddler.  So we always have extra over sized play clothes around, that will absolutely not match at all.  I always keep a huge bin on hand with everything from shoes, dresses, pants, aprons, ties – well you get the idea, just about anything you would wear, your child will want to wear.

And Who Doesn’t Like To Camp

It’s time to make that ultimate rainy day camping resort!  First you need to make sure you get all the supplies you
may need:

  • blankets  and sheets
  • clothes pins and safety pins
  • pillows
  • flashlights
  • and of course some snacks
  • kitchen chairs (well any furniture available at the time)
  • iPad (if you have one)

IJ14acr.jpgYou may need to make two tents, boys and girls – the boys always wanted their own (no girls allowed and all).  Now you can proceed with construction of the fort.  Take the blankets and sheets and hang them over the kitchen chairs, and if you can use the clothes pins or safety pins to help.  If you really want to make a night of it, you can have them sleep in it if they want.  Now it’s time to make the popcorn and pull out the flashlight for a fun filled no sleep evening (for you at least).  If you have an iPad, you can always load a good child friendly movie for them to settle down.  Now it’s time to make the popcorn, pull out the flashlight for a fun filled no sleep evening (for you at least

Ultimate Basketball

Now. this can get a little crazy because remember the age group, but there is just something about throwing a ball in a basket.  My favorite thing to use is the water squishies you can by for the swimming pool.  They are so light weight when they are dry they won’t hurt your furniture.  I use laundry baskets instead of small trash cans,  it’s no fun unless you can actually make a basket.  Keeps some small prizes hidden away for when they’re done, we’re all winners today.

And Don’t Forget A Good Read

One of my favorite books is Little House In the Big Woods, by Laura Ingalls Wilder.  I even have littltle house in the woodmy children hooked on Little House on the Prairie – I just love it.  They don’t even realize it is good clean living.  It makes me laugh to see them watch this and realize kids were pretty much the same back then.  Enjoy the read.

Now, it’s up to you to have some fun with those little ones.  After all, the idea is to tire them out before nap time.  Enjoy your day!  Once again, if you want some more ideas, or you have a comment, just send me a note below.

Take care.